Core Curriculum

    v Undergraduate Course Program:


    Discrete Mathematics

    Linear Algebra

    Probability Theory

    Automata and Formal Language

    Introduction to Computer Science I

    Introduction to Computer Science II

    Data Structure

    Computer Network

    Operating System


    Project Research I

    Project Research II

    Computer Programming

    Object-Oriented Programming

    Assembly Language

    System Programming

    Database System

    Compiler Programming

    Digital Electronics

    Digital System Design

    Digital Circuit Design

    Computer Architecture


    v Selected Courses:

    Basic core Track

    Networking and communication Track

    Multimedia Track


    v Master Course Program:

    Independent Research

    Thesis Panel Discussion

    Master Thesis Research

    Formal Language

    Advanced Operating System

    Advanced Algorithm

    Advanced Computer Architecture

    Advanced Programming

    Advanced Computer Animation Programming

    Advanced Computer Network

    Advanced Database System

    Advanced Computer Graphics

    Advanced Computer Game Algorithms
    Cloud Computing 

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